Psychological Services

I am committed to providing the highest quality services, and services which are individually tailored to assist clients in reaching their goals. I provide individual and group psychotherapy with specialty in several areas:

  • Adolescent Therapy
  • Emotional regulation/Affective balance
  • Mind Body Treatment and therapeutic yoga
  • Mood Disorders
  • Psychological Assessment

The type of treatment provided and length of treatment will vary based on individual issues presented. All treatment will begin with a comprehensive initial assessment that involves reviewing your history and current issues. The reasons for collecting background information is to place current issues in an individual context. These meetings will serve to provide some initial impressions, to generate a diagnosis if needed (insurance companies require a diagnosis for billing), and to review a preliminary treatment plan. It is important to understand that the nature of psychotherapy can elicit some uncomfortable feelings especially if the issues for referral are emotionally painful.

At times I will determine after an initial meeting that I am not the best individual to meet your needs and will make appropriate referrals for your best care. Psychotherapy is a process and requires a willingness to learn new skills, to change habits, and to provide feedback as to your experience. An open and honest exchange and commitment to the process will greatly assist in meeting therapy goals.

Summary of Service:

  • Comprehensive initial assessment for purposes of diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Ongoing psychotherapy with individual adolescents and adults
  • Psychological testing: educational testing, diagnostic testing, cognitive evaluations, dementia screening, personality assessment
  • Group therapy: Yoga for emotional regulation, Yoga for pain management, mindfulness based stress reduction